Counselling Information

People choose to come to counselling for of a wide range of reasons, sometimes it is due to a specific experience or issue that has impacted on their life or it is because they have a sense that something is just not right or feel they need to talk to someone neutral and outside of the situation. The experiences and issues explored are part of life and ones which we may all experience at some point. People come as they wish to understand their situation and the impact of it on their life and how they many change it.

Counselling is a safe space in which you can talk in confidence about your experiences and explore what they mean for you. I have found clients have been able to use the space to understand their issues and feel less overwhelmed by them. To use the space to reflect, find meaning and gain awareness and understanding. As well as develop their identity and make changes so that they are more comfortable and confident with who they are and can trust and be guided by their own decisions. 

My role includes providing a secure and safe space where you can explore and understand your experiences and actions. I will also offer you my reflections and understanding of your experiences. Working together we will form a therapeutic relationship, where I connect with you as a fellow person and experience you and your situation as if in your shoes, whilst also being able to step back and offer you a wider picture of your experiences. Together we will work on what is important to you and the direction you wish to take regarding any changes.

I understand you may be unsure about counselling, as if a part of you is curious to talk and has a desire to explore your experiences and change, whilst a part of you is worried about this process. I feel if this is the case it is important to recognise both sides, acknowledging both the reward of change as well as the uncertainty. We will work at your pace whilst we explore and challenge your issues in a supportive environment.

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